IE7 more SELECTive

Thank goodness! Not only did this cause headaches for web designers, because SELECT didn’t support standard DHTML properties, but it presented a challenge for us in developing WebRecorder which needs to record clicks in Internet Explorer. Because SELECT was a windowed control rather than a DHTML element it got the mouse click before IE did.

SELECT was essentially a windowed control sitting above the document. With other elements you could detect a mouse click on the document and using its x,y offset use elementFromPoint to determine which element was clicked on. Couldn’t do that with SELECT since the document didn’t get the click. So instead we had to trap a mouse down on each “Internet Explorer_TridentCmboBx” class object and then use a rather convoluted process of determining which select element in the HTML corresponded to the windowed object clicked on. IE7 improves things no end for us.

Unfortunately it will no doubt be a long time before IE6 ceases to be used altogether, so we’ll have to support the legacy code for some time to come.

More details on the improved Select element here:


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  1. markrich80962 Says:

    OMG, the second picture TOTALLY looks like David, AND YOU KNOW IT!! Click

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